Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wood do you have in stock?

We have Maple, Red Oak, and American Poplar in stock and will manufacture products in Alder, Beech, Hickory, Cherry, Walnut, Pine, White Oak, and more upon request.

What is the standard rail height?

Horizontal Rail: Finished floor to top of rail: 36” Diagonal Rail: Finished nosing to top of rail (measured vertically): 36” (use a level)    Note: Building codes may vary. Please check current codes in your area.

Do you install, or come out to measure stairs or railings?

Only for custom staircases at this time.

Do you supply exterior railings?

 No, we only supply interior products.

What post length do I need?

For a horizontal rail, a 4′ foot post is sufficient. At the bottom of a stair, the post is 4½’ tall.  Depending on how winders are framed, a longer post may be necessary (5′ to 6′)

How tall are the build-outs on the posts supposed to be?

It can vary according to one’s preference, but typically they are positioned 9-10″ tall from the finished floor height on a four foot post (or approximately 1 – 1½”  below flutes).

Is the handrail installed before the flooring?

The post is best installed before the flooring is put in. The remainder of the rail can be installed before or after the flooring. 

What are the dimensions of your handrail?

#29 rail is 2¼” wide by 3½” high #25 rail is 2¼” wide by 2½” high #23 rail is 1-9/16″ wide by 1-9/16″ high #21 rail is 2½” wide by 2½” high Base rail is...
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How long are your spindles?

Our wood spindles come in 35 1/2" and 41 1/2" lengths, and our metal spindles come in 36" and 42" or 44" lengths.

How many metal spindles do I need on each stair tread?

Typically, there are three metal spindles on each tread (one 35″ at the front of the tread, and two 44″ at the back of the tread).

How long does it take to order metal spindles?

Most of our suppliers can ship orders within 7-10 days

Can I replace the wood spindles in my existing railing with metal spindles without replacing the whole rail?

In most cases, yes. If your current railing has wooden spindles, then we can supply square metal spindles with fillet that would fit the existing rail.