Staircase Storage

Staircase Storage

A staircase is often something that we simply travel up and down without a second thought, but what if your steps could serve more than one purpose? I’m sure we’re all familiar with the sloped storage area underneath a staircase in the basement, where the Christmas decorations seem to magically disappear, and you were certain that box was right over there. But what if you could easily add functional storage space without having to hunt for Santa every year? There has been a mass influx of stair storage ideas recently, especially with the increased interest in tiny homes. While tiny homes are currently not permitted within Regina there has been a calling for cabins and glamping set-ups. When we look at staircase storage ideas the options are almost limitless.

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These layouts do require unused space, obviously, so if you have a basement staircase directly below the main floor staircase, many of these installations won’t work for you. As that empty space is being used for head clearance. But if you have the unused space or are wanting more storage in your basement these are all excellent options.

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It can be simple as adding drawers to the riser face, this can be a retrofit to an existing staircase, depending on the construction method of course. These can be great secret hiding spots, or as functional as shoe cubbies at the front door.

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Drawers can also be added to the sides of the staircase depending on what you have for access. These are incredibly functional, storing everyday items or tucking away seasonal items that are switched out during the year.

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If you are lacking an entryway closet for family and guests, utilizing the space under a staircase can add all the practicality you’re missing. Whether you prefer a closet styled layout for ease of installation, constructing shelves and hanging closet rods.

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Or if you prefer pull-outs on gliders to prevent losing something at the back of the closet. This is great for shoes, sports equipment and backpacks, or even additional space for linens.

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The development of tiny homes saw the functionality lead into the kitchen, with open space becoming cabinets and shelves. This can be a huge advantage for the basement bar or kitchenette in a rental unit.

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Storage and shelving can be as practical and aesthetic as you like, creating a unique style to fit the feel of your home.

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Storage can evolve and become more of a nook, maybe you would prefer a cozy corner to read. You can still add storage space by building cupboards or drawers as the base.

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You can create a comfortable home for your beloved furry friend, keeping them front and centre to everything happening in the house.

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Or maybe, a sleek and classy wine cellar. Showcase your collection and add a stunning focal point.

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No matter what you’re looking for, the space under your stairs can offer a versatile and functional way to improve your home. These types of installations call for a very detail oriented finisher, as you are working with some very awkward angles. Utilizing some ready to assembly cabinetry can make the process seem a little easier, but there will always be customization needed. No two houses or staircases are exactly the same, so a ready made kit that fit perfectly isn’t going to an easy find.