Staircase Lighting

Staircase Lighting

The aesthetic of staircases has changed a lot over the years, notably there has been an increased interested in the incorporation of stair lighting. As lighting technology advances and improves this increases the options for shining light on your steps. There are several different ways that lighting can be incorporated into a staircase, adding safety and beauty to your home.

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In the past we have worked with many different installation methods to incorporate lighting. The two main methods are divided by the installation location. You can either install the lighting into the staircase itself or into the walls along the staircase.

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Lighting in the staircase has rapidly developed, in the early years it was small lights fixed into the riser or stringer. These are a nice option as they typically allow for repair and replacement in the event of maintenance or damage.

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With the development of LED lighting the options have greatly expanded. Seeing lighting strips recessed into the underside of tread nosing, into the face of tread nosing, along the length of the stringer, small puck lights, coloured lights, motion sensor lights and more.

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Putting the lighting directly in the staircase does require extra planning, making sure the electrical wiring is accessible and there is adequate space to place and move lines.

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Utilizing a diffuser can make a big impact in the final look of the LED lighting, there are a lot of options available with different installation methods and degree of diffusion. 

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LED strip lighting without a diffuser can be a bit harsh in some installations, depending on placement and brightness. Many diffusers also add the ability to replace strip lighting by creating a channel for the lighting to sit inside.

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Lighting into the walls can be as traditional as wall sconces and as contemporary as recessed accent strips. Lighting in the wall allows for easier access, being able to mount fittings into place before the drywall is installed. Fixtures can be co-ordinated with other finishes in the home creating a unified look.

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Or course, we’re now seeing even more methods of adding light to staircases. The combination of LED lighting and frosted glass can make an incredibly breath-taking installation. Making your staircase the feature of your home.

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As well as seeing an increase in installing lighting in the handrail. This installation can be more complicated as you need a discrete way to get the electrical wiring from the wall to the handrail.

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This can be done by adding a simple component that turns the handrail to terminate into the wall. This allows for easy access for the wiring. The lighting can be incorporated into the bottom or side of the handrail depending on the look that you want to create.

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As styles and technology changes Canadian Oakworks will be here to face the challenge and adapt to make sure that you get the railing of your dreams.