Railings for Heritage and Character Homes

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes

There is a classic aesthetic within character homes, a glimpse into the past reflecting the unique beauty and styling of the homes that have always been there during your life. Within Regina, and across Canada, there are numerous well-maintained heritage buildings. There are all kinds of organizations that work to protect and preserve the buildings that hold a mark on our history. Of course, maintaining these properties isn’t always easy. They are filled with intricate casing and trims, ornate crown mouldings, an assortment of different kinds of wood, none of which are easy to find in the modern market. So, what can you do?

If the unfortunate happens and you face damages due to fire or natural disaster, or you’re simply trying to fix things up a little, you’re left trying to find some way to restore things and maintain their former glory. But with the matching finishes so hard to find, you begin to wonder if it’s possible.

We have very happily worked on several insurance related restoration projects. As well as working to offer a diverse selection of materials for the new home builder that wants to recreate the character home feel in the modern age. Whether you are looking for baseboard, casing, crown moulding, posts, spindles or handrail, we can find a way to match your existing trims. In addition to our standard handrail profiles that are kept in stock, we also offer a selection of custom order profiles. Below are examples of some character styled handrails that we have made. If you are in need of something unique that we don't have just the right fit, we can always custom manufacture it.

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes - Image 1

Heritage #1 - This handrail is a traditional profile that measures 2 5/16" wide at the base by 3 5/16" tall. It is incredibly comfortable for the hand; the sleek but tall profile is complementary to posts large and small.

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes - Image 5

Heritage #2 – This handrail mimics the styling of Heritage #1 but has a more substantial feel. It measures 2 3/4” wide by 3 1/4” tall, the slope of the sides makes for a comfortable fit on the hand. This profile co-ordinates beautifully with shaker style panel posts.

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes - Image 3

#20 – This handrail features simple design accents reminiscent of the Victorian Era to add an extra touch to your staircase. It measures 3” wide by 2 3/4” tall. The double set of lobes on both sides of the profile add a subtle detail that create a big impact.

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes - Image 2

Alto – This handrail features a profile reminiscent of Art Nouveau style, the sleek body and rounded cap allow for a comfortable grip. It measures 3 1/8” wide by 3” tall. This profile compliments a taper styled post and spindle for a staircase that is truly special.

Railings for Heritage and Character Homes - Image 4

Soprano – This handrail is the Alto profile with more detailing, it features intricate accents that add a classic aesthetic. It measures 3 1/8” wide by 3 1/2” tall. Because of the narrow base it is best suited for metal spindles or taper top wood spindles.

As these are a non-standard items there are additional set-up fees added to the manufacturing process. These can be made in any specialty species, in straight or curved lengths. Components are available for some of these profiles. Please contact the office if you need more information on getting a custom handrail.