Mouldings, Casings and Trims

Mouldings, Casings and Trims

At Canadian Oakworks we are well known for our quality finishing when it comes to all things stairs, but we also offer a fantastic selection of in stock and custom order mouldings and casings. Whether you are trying to match and re-create a heritage moulding, want something more durable than an MDF, or just love the look and feel of a real wood moulding, there are lots of options available. One complaint we commonly hear is MDF trims swelling, in places like your kitchen and bathroom where humitity can fluctuate a lot it can be difficult to keep MDF from swelling. A paintable hardwood like Poplar will withstand the humidity changes without the unsightly swelling that needs to be replaced. From baseboards and baseboard corners to crown mouldings and coffered ceilings, we can manufacture all the trims you need for the perfect finish.

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We have an extensive collection of knife profiles on hand, with the equipment and machines needed to produce new knives. Making a new knife is a fairly straight forward process, we start with an existing design or create a new one for something truly custom. We manufacture a template to use as a guide and then begin the process of cutting the profile into a piece of high quality knife steel. This knife can be re-sharpened and used time and time again.

When ordering casings, mouldings and trims it is a good practise to order about 10% extra for waste and cuts. This holds especially true when ordering a custom material, there are commonly additional set-up fees associated with custom order products. It can incredibly frustrating to reach the end of your job and realize that you are a few pieces short and have to pay those custom fees again.

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In addition to stock and custom straight mouldings we can also manufacture curved casings. There are three main types of curved casings; half round, segmental and elliptical. When measuring for a curved casing it is best to measure from the inside tight of the window. Casings are typically set back 1/8” from the inside radius of the window.

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A half round is simply half of a circle, there is a consistent radius from one side to the other. For manufacturing we would only require the total diameter or the radius.

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A segmental is a part of a circle, but less than half. The radius is consistent, but the centre point is lower than the bottom of the trim. For manufacturing we would need to know the total width at the bottom and the total height from the bottom to the top.

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An elliptical is made of sections of multiple different radii, there is no consistent curve from one side to the other. Because they aren’t consistent there is no easy way to measure an elliptical. For manufacturing we would require a template, typically a piece of hardboard or thin plywood to trace the shape. This ensures that the new casing will fit the curve correctly.

Our mouldings and casings can be made from any number of wood species, our standard as always are Maple, Red Oak, and Poplar. Custom order species can include, White Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Alder, Birch, Beech, Hickory, Mahogany and more. 

If you are looking for a moulding, casing, baseboard or trim, straight or curved, stock or custom; Canadian Oakworks has the materials and machines needed to finish your project perfectly. Get in touch with our friendly staff if you have any questions or want to start your next project.