Installing Odd Shaped Spindles

Installing Odd Shaped Spindles

As we continue to work on new displays for our showroom we find ourselves running into all kinds of interesting situations. Recently we had to find a way to ensure that our spindles were being installed level/plumb when they are all different shapes and sizes. The style options available with metal spindles is always changing as manufacturers create and develop new looks to push the envelope for interior design. This can make the job of installing the spindles challenging, as there is always something new in the market. In a typical spindle installation you can determine the distance between the spindles and precut the fillet material, but it's still a good practise to check for level/plumb as you go. As hard as builders try and as much as we wish it, no house is ever perfectly square.

For our display we are featuring a wide variety of different styles, that required different spacing between each spindle. It became immediately apparent that this was going to be difficult with the odd shaped spindles. Here's a trick we used to help keep things straight and square.

With our large basket spindle in place, you can see how using a short level isn't going to help ensure that the spindle and all the following spindles are installed correctly.

Installing Odd Shaped Spindles - Image 6

Using a peice of scrap wood, make sure it is straight and square, cut it to fit snuggly between the handrail and baserail. Put your fillet peices in place fitted tightly to the spindle.

Installing Odd Shaped Spindles - Image 7

Fit your board against the fillet peices and you can now easily check for level. 

Installing Odd Shaped Spindles - Image 5

As you can see our fillet peices aren't quite right, the bubble of the level isn't sitting equally between the lines.

Installing Odd Shaped Spindles - Image 10

Using the board and level we can correct the angle and determine how much needs to be trimmed from one of the fillet peices.

Checking for level is a quick way to ensure that your railing is not only strong but adds beauty and character to your home.